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Our Mission

We really want to represent the way business is done specific to each city we work in. Unlike some of our competitors, the way business is done can be very different depending on the market. We want to hire local staff for promotion, solicitation and operations.


This creates a real community for each city or geographic area. The benefits to the Service Providers are also significant. So many local businesses have no real 
cost effective way to attract customers, with Pedro’s List they will have a free venue to do so. Other benefits for them include the ability for local consumers to write positive reviews and refer others to their favorite companies. What company doesn’t like a referral from a happy customer?


When local people work with local people you get results. In addition to helping the local economy in several ways, there is also a way to create a sense of pride for the local market. Relative to the size of the market, percentages of performance show effectiveness, but are different from city to city.


Former CEO of Apple, Gil Amelio, said “The future of some of the largest companies in the world will come from many smaller local and regional offices working together for a common goal.” This makes sense and is very applicable in this case. We are specific to Mexico, having pride for this is basically universal there, but people are very different from Acapulco to the Yucatan.


We genuinely want to work with and help local communities and economies. Charitable
contributions have always been a part of this plan soon after revenue is generated.

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